Today's FB playoff game will be on the NFHS Network. The game is also on the radio and here is the link for that: Game time is 1:00 PM. Go Bearcats!
about 1 month ago, Jeff Hagler
Senior economics presenting their business ideas to the sharks in shark tank format. Special thanks for the volunteer sharks of Katie Miller, Mr. Haugen, Mr. Reiser, Josh Frey, and Matt Swanson.
about 1 month ago, James Greenlee
hud windshield
college app
whole group
9th Graders recreated scenes from The Odyssey today. Including a splash of “sea water” directed right at Mrs. Olsen!
about 1 month ago, Kelsey Olsen
students in a boat
student acting
8th grade and 4th grade working on making and painting a 3-d model of North Dakota geography.
about 1 month ago, James Greenlee
Our State
Our State
Our State
Our State
The Kindergarten classes finished ABC Bootcamp! To celebrate all their hard work we had an Alphabet Parade. A big thank you to the 5th and 6th graders for helping create our alphabet posters!
about 1 month ago, Miranda Larson
How fun!
Creating posters
6th grade helping kinder find pictures that start with their letter.
Alphabet parade!
Speech class is working on Demonstration speeches, and today they had to do some impromptu demos. Including: “How to build a human pyramid,” “how to bottle flip,” “how to tie a shoe,” and “how to dance the floss.”
about 1 month ago, Kelsey Olsen
tie shoe
bottle flip
kids in a pyramid
Here are some things going on this week. We do not have school on Thursday and Friday this week and will dismiss school on Wednesday at 3:15 PM. The Volleyball matches on Tuesday will start at 3:30 PM and they will be in Fessenden NOT Harvey. Football playoff game will be in Cavalier on Saturday at 1:00 PM. Thank you.
about 1 month ago, Jeff Hagler
7th grade students and 4th grade students collaborated on a project. They made containers to keep an egg safe when dropped out of the second story window. 8 groups were successful!
about 1 month ago, Nancy Reiser
students working with balloons
two students
students working
class picture
Big thanks to everyone for supporting the PTO Tailgate. Go Bearcats!
about 1 month ago, Kelsey Olsen
family smiling
girls smiling
girls smiling
peopledrinking hot coco
Thank you to the Cando Fire Department for spending the day at the school with our students. Students had the opportunity to check out the gear, equipment, and trucks. We are extremely lucky to have a fire department in our community! Please read the November Newsletter for more information and pictures.
about 2 months ago, Nancy Reiser
fireman and student spraying water
We are looking for two ticket takers for Saturday's FB Playoff game. If interested contact the school. The details are: Start at 1:00 PM, done at the end of the 1st quarter, free admission to the game, and a payment for helping out. Thank you.
about 2 months ago, Jeff Hagler
It is looking a little like a French Patisserie in Cultures and Cuisine. Students are learning the art of puff pastry (rough puff method). They will be making some French Palmier Cookies with this pastry. 🥐
about 2 months ago, Michelle Swanson
New Lion Heart Merchandise available in adult sizes only right now. Fill out the form in the office or with Miss Alto by October 14th.
about 2 months ago, Hannah Alto
lion heart
Come out and support our North Star Bearcats this Saturday!
about 2 months ago, Lindsay Bundermann
The North Star FB team will be hosting a Playoff FB game on Saturday at 2:00 PM vs Larimore. This is a tournament game so season passes will not work for admittance. Prices are set by the state for playoff football and are $10.00 for Adults and $5.00 for students.
about 2 months ago, Jeff Hagler
6th grade students creating box biomes while studying ecosystems in science.
about 2 months ago, Jill Vote
Box Biomes
Box Biomes
Just a reminder that we no longer have the NFHS Network on the FB Field because we no longer have a crow's nest. Also the NFHS Camera in the gym needs to be replaced and we are hoping that occurs before the next home VB Match.
about 2 months ago, Jeff Hagler
Here is a link to a Three Class System for girls' and boys' basketball. If you have thoughts, questions, or concerns please let me know. The North Star School will need to vote for or against by November 1st.
about 2 months ago, Jeff Hagler
HS Volleyball players painting pumpkins for the pumpkin walk for Pink Night! 💕🎀 Pink Night at the volleyball game next Tuesday, October 11th!
about 2 months ago, Kristin Murchie
Volleyball players painting
Painted pumpkins
Chalk it Up Contest to support the Cando Pool! This will be done during the school day. $10/kid - Anyone is welcome to sponsor a kid.
about 2 months ago, Hannah Alto