Announcements (9-8-2022)

Thursday September 8, 2022                                                                                                                    Day #14 (A)

-Congratulations to Elle for placing 3rd at the golf meet yesterday. Golf meet tomorrow at Larimore.

-VB vs Hatton-Northwood today with three matches (C,B,A) starting at 4:45 PM.

-Sign up for the Musical by today.

-FB at Pembina tomorrow with at 7:00 PM kickoff. Bus will leave at 2:45 PM.

-PWGBB Jamboree here on Saturday. Workers, please check over the schedule for your work times. Teachers please close and lock your door tomorrow when you leave.

-JH FB at St. John on Monday at 4:30 PM, that bus will leave at 3:10 PM.

-Next Wednesday we have a late start of 10:00 AM. There will not be breakfast that day, there will be morning daycare for those that have signed up for Daycare. School doors will open at 9:45 AM.

-ALIVE will start on October 5th at 6:30 PM with a Pizza Party for adults and students. ALIVE formally known as AWANA will run Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM and is for students in grades PK-6.

-Students should not be letting people in locked school doors.

Lunch Menu – Mexican Lasagna, Cooked Veggies, Fruit, Salad Bar

Breakfast (Tomorrow) – Breakfast Burritos Cereal, Toast, Bagels, Fruit, Juice, Yogurt

Birthdays –