Board Minutes Frame

The North Star Public School District 10 School Board met in regular session on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 in
North Star Room 101 and via Zoom meeting ID 847 7008 8090.

PRESENT: Chris Doehler, Michelle Gibbens (Zoom), Jeana Jorde (Zoom), Bob Kennedy, Jay Nicholas, John Peters;
Administration: Jeff Hagler, Jessica Gunderson, Nancy Reiser, Cathy Johnson. ABSENT: Vickie Jacksen. VISITORS:  Daniel Grande, North Star JH/HS science teacher.

Board Vice President Peters called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. No changes to the agenda.

MOTION by Doehler, seconded by Nicholas, to approve the minutes of the November 18, 2020 and December 16, 2020 meetings. MOTION CARRIED-all voting aye.

MOTION by Nicholas, seconded by Kennedy, to approve the January bills presented for payment. MOTION CARRIED - all voting aye. Reviewed monthly financial reports for December 2020.

Principals’ Reports:

Elementary Principal report by Mrs. Gunderson: PK-6 enrollment: 191 including 4 fulltime distance learners; attendance: 94.5%. Resignation letters from Marla Nelsen and Sheila Laturnus (PreK teacher and para, respectively). Administration will evaluate staffing options before opening a position.  MOTION by Nicholas, seconded by Gibbens, to accept Marla Nelsen’s resignation as preschool teacher effective  at the end of the current school year. MOTION CARRIED on a roll call vote: Doehler-yes, Gibbens-yes, Jorde-yes,
Kennedy-yes, Nicholas-yes, Peters-yes (Jacksen-absent).

High School Principal report by Mrs. Reiser: JH/HS enrollment: 126, attendance: 94.8%. JH/HS science teacher Daniel Grande reported on aeroponic tower gardens located in three NS classrooms; update on Bryan Haugen’s teaching schedule.

Activities Director report by Mr. Hagler: Reviewed GBB district tournament format. Discussed date and class responsibility for prom: rescheduled to May 8 with junior and senior classes jointly responsible. Knowledge Bowl w/b held at NS on April 15; participating schools t/b notified that this is the final year North Star will host the event. Current year FB coaching staff assignments will remain in place for FY21/22 and a varsity assistant will be added. NFHS
update: experiencing some operational issues but have received first (quarterly) revenue sharing check. Memorial donations received for Gary Hagler and Casper Beck were deposited in Activity Fund; Hagler family will direct the use  of the Gary Hagler donations. Reviewed updates to activity guidelines re: attendance limits, concessions, masks.

Superintendent’s Report by Mr. Hagler: Mask usage mandate to continue for school; new NS webpage/app will launch  on 1/22/21 and be available for download from App Store(s). Discussed quote from Hope Electric re: school conversion to LED lighting: schoolwide project put on hold and local electrician w/b contacted to do a test conversion in one classroom. Reviewing options re: non-operational bell system; reviewed two proposals for kitchen RTU
controllers: lower cost option selected for immediate installation with alternative t/b reconsidered pending  availability of ESSER funding. Legislative overview; new (increased) Perkins Grant total.

Old Business: Discussed Family Mutual Insurance Building usage survey results/plans: w/b converted to weight/workout room with interior wall removal t/b done by NS Tech Ed students.

New Business: Reviewed/discussed three options for FY21/22 school calendar.
MOTION by Doehler, seconded by Gibbens, to use the yellow calendar with 8/18/21 start date, 5/17/22 last day of school and 5/22/22 graduation date. MOTION CARRIED on a roll call vote with one dissenting vote: Doehleryes, Gibbens-yes, Jorde-yes, Kennedy-yes, Nicholas-NO, Peters-yes (Jacksen-absent). Negotiating committee members - Peters, Doehler and Kennedy - w/b registered for NDSBA Negotiations Seminar; superintendent evaluation forms t/b returned to President Jacksen for presentation at February board meeting; recap of staff payments for extra COVID related duties; discussed and approved the carryover/continuation of remaining CARES ACT Emergency Paid Sick Leave hours until fully used or FY21 year end.

Next meeting set for Wednesday, February 17, 2021 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:59 p.m.