Friday February 26, 2021                                                                                                Day 125 (B)

-BBB District Tournament will start tonight.  Same format as the Girls’ tournament with higher seeds hosted games.  North Star will host Rolette tonight at 7:30 PM.  Season passes do not work.  

-SADD Meeting on Monday at 8:15 AM.  

-Juniors will be taking the ACT test on Tuesday at the Masonic Lodge.  Juniors need to be there by 8:00 AM.  

-Book Fair on Tuesday in the gym from 3:30 PM to 7:30 PM.  

-We will have a late start next Wednesday of 10:00 AM for teacher’s PD.  There will not be breakfast that day, there will be morning daycare for those that are signed up, and the doors will open at 9:45 AM.  

-Students in grades 7-12 Knowledge Bowl applications are due today.  Please turn in to a teacher today.  

-We will have school on March 18th.  

Lunch Menu – Breakfast for Dinner (Sophomore Menu) 
Breakfast (Monday) – Breakfast Burrito, Cereal, Toast, Bagels, Muffins, Yogurt, Fruit

Birthdays – Skylah Young, Mrs. Nelsen, and Mrs Edwards (today); Mrs. Olson (Sunday); Cordell Walters (Feb 29)