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Thursday January 21, 2021                                                                                               Day 100 (A)

-No JHBBB practice today.  They will practice tomorrow morning at 7:00 AM.  JHGBB practice will be at 3:45 PM today at the armory.

-GBB vs Rolette tomorrow with three games (JH, B, A) starting at 4:30 PM.  Here are the new guidelines for games at the North Star School:

-Face covering worn by everyone except those playing in the game and officials.

-We are limited to 350 fans.  Ticket prices are $6 and $4 (season passes accepted).  We do charge for JH games.

-Limited Concessions will be served.

-Students in grade 6 and below must be accompanied by their parent and sit with their parent.

-All fans are asked to leave immediately following the conclusion of the last game.

-Fans will enter through door #1.

-Visiting teams will enter through door #11 (west side of the school across from the baseball field).

-Visiting teams have the east bench.

-Visiting fans will sit on the southeast side of the gym behind their team’s bench. 

-Bleachers will be marked with caution tape (anywhere there is caution tape no one should be seated).

-Locker rooms are available to limited numbers at a time.

-Hand sanitizer will be provided to both teams.

-Teams will not shake hands at the conclusion of the game but acknowledge each other with a wave or head nod.

-Hallways will be locked at 4:00 PM.

-All games will be webcasted on the NFHS Network.

-Our school App and new webpage will go live tomorrow afternoon.  More information to follow.

-DLC Hockey tomorrow at Grafton with at 7:30 PM start time.

-DLC G Hockey Saturday at Williston at 1:00 PM.

-GBB vs Larimore on Saturday with two games (B,A) starting at 1:00 PM.  These games are in Starkweather and there will be a fan limit of 150 people.  This will also be parent’s day for those on the B and A squad girls’ basketball teams.  Parents and players will be introduced between games.  Concessions will be served.

-The date of the Prom has been moved from March 27th to May 8th.  We will be in to visit with the juniors and seniors on the details of this year’s Prom.  

-HS Robotics Schedule for the armory: Friday (3:30 PM to 6:00 PM): Saturday (1:00 PM to 5:00 PM); and Sunday (1:00 PM to 5:00 PM)    

Lunch Menu – Bacon Mac and Cheese, Corn, Fruit  
Breakfast (tomorrow) – Breakfast Sandwich, Cereal, Bagels, Fruit, Juice, Toast, Yogurt 

Birthdays – Cavan Coleman