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Learning Goals

Reading Fluency is our Goal at the North Star School 😉

How fast can you read? What is your minimum speed? It is easy to find out. Set the timer for 1 minute and read out loud from a book or newspaper, at a normal speed that is comfortable for you. When the minute is up, draw a bracket around the last word you read and then count them up. Adults generally read between 150 and 200 words per minute.

Our students have reading benchmarks and goals that let them know what their minimum reading goal should be for each grade level.

Minimum Speed – Words Read Per Minute:

Grade 1    47  WPM       Grade 2    90 WPM       Grade 3 100 WPM
Grade 4   115 WPM       Grade 5 130 WPM       Grade  6  120 WPM

Why have Reading Goals?

Students that read too slow are usually spending too much time decoding and not enough time thinking about what the print says. And those who read as fast as they can go (speed read) also suffer from loss of comprehension due to lack of focused attention to meaning. So there is a happy medium in reading – it is not about how fast or slow one reads – but about how well the text is comprehended.

Parents you can help your children become more fluent by asking them to read to you a short piece of text and then practicing that part several times with your child. You will notice by the third or fourth time your child will read smoother and sound more fluent as they read. This helps your child see that practice really does make a difference!

It is really quite simple – If you want your child to become a more fluent reader – or even
if you yourself want to become more fluent – there are 10 easy things you can do:

Read, read, read,
read , read, read, read,
read, read, and re-read !