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Spelling List/Book Reports

Unit 6 Lesson 1 Spelling List – Homophones

pride, pried, rays, raise, sent, cent, scent, forth, fourth, air, heir, guessed, guest, toad, towed, toed, lessen, lesson, carat, carrot, bazaar, bizarre

Next book report due on May 1, 2018 –Dress-up Day

Students will:

  1.  Choose a book that has a main character ( a biography works well).
  2.  Find an outfit that your main character would wear.
  3.  Bring the outfit to school and change into it before you give your report.
  4.  Become the main character and give a summary of the book as if you were that character (this takes some acting and practice).
  5.  Make sure to include the title, author, setting, and plot.