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Spelling List/Book Reports

Unit 4 Lesson 3 Spelling List – changes with affixes

drizzly, crumbly, sensibly, terribly, activity, rarity, mobility, clarity, diversion, collision, tension, intrusion, argument, supplement, elevator, juror,senator, furious, nervous, cautious


Next Book Report – Tear Art

  1.  Choose an important scene from your book.
  2. Choose a sturdy sheet of paper that is at least 8.5″ X 11″.
  3. Recreate your chosen scene using ONLY torn paper and glue (no scissors, pencil, ruler, etc)
  4. Write a paragraph about your scene that answers the following prompts:
    • Title of your book
    • Author of your book
    • My picture shows …
    • This scene is important to the book because …

This project does not have to be presented; turn it in on or before the due date of April 11, 2019.