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Spelling List/Book Reports

Unit 2 Lesson 4 Spelling List – Antonyms

insult, compliment, silent, noisy, proud, ashamed, positive, negative, friend, enemy, predator, prey, build, destroy, divide, unite, inside, outside, comedy, tragedy, brittle, flexible

Next book report due December 20, 2018.

This will be a Book in a Container.  The students have a rubric for grading and information on this book report.  They will be provided all necessary materials.

Book in a Container Book Report (50 points)

The students will read a book and choose a container that will represent their book. For example if a student read a western they could use a cowboy boot as the container or a backpack if they were to read a book like “Junie B. Jones.”

They would place a minimum of five (5) items into the container that symbolizes the plot (what happened), characters, and the theme of the book.  Items can be actual objects, drawings, or pictures from the internet or magazines (these must be appropriate for 4th graders).

Creativity is needed.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to help find items.