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Spelling List/Book Reports

Unit 1 Lesson 3 Spelling List – suffixes

angrily, location, promotion, famous, precision, basically, memorable, easily, conclusion, solvable, erosion, attention, decision, usable, courteous, envious, gracious, luckily, flammable, pollution

Next book report due Friday, September 21, 2018.

This will be Puzzle Pieces.  The students have a rubric for grading and information on this book report.

Puzzle Pieces Book Report (50 points)

Piece #1:  A creative display of the title, author and your name.

Piece #2:  Information about the main character and secondary characters.

Piece #3:  Information about the setting.

Piece #4:  Information about the problem or main conflict in the book.

Piece #5:  Information about the main events in the book.

Piece #6:  Information about the climax or most exciting part of the book.

Piece #7:  A favorite quote or selection from the book.

Piece #8:  Your personal rating of the book.

Piece #9:  Free Choice – maybe a drawing, quote, information about the author, or something else creative.