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Classroom Activities

The students wrote”I Am” poems to tell us about each other. They then performed them for the class in the I Am Cafe. They were served a juice and a Bearcat cookie with the performances by a waiter named Pierre.



On Friday, Sept. 1 we went outside and the students drew the crops that were raised by the Mandan Indians. Ask them how the Mandan Indians protected their crops




On Friday, September 8 we played football to review Math, Science, and ND Studies.



On Sept. 11 the sixth and fourth grades went to the 911 ceremony at the International Peace Garden. We then enjoyed the flowers and cacti.

peace-garden1 peace-garden-sing peace-garden-memorial



Today we went to the elevator and Mr. Holien gave us a tour and popcorn. It was interesting to find out how the elevator works.

elevator1 elevator2 elevator4

Playing Twister Math Review for Addition and Subtraction. It was a great time, especially when we got to throw our paper snowballs at Mr. Reiser!

twister-math-reveiw3 twister-math-review2 twister-math-review1


QR code readers being used to practice Math.

math-qr-review-2 math-qr-review1

The fourth and fifth graders attended Safety Day at Rock Lake School on Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017


Students wrote a paragraph about what superpower they would want. Here are some pictures showing them reading their writing.


superpower-brayton superpower-ashley superpower-karlee superpower-leahw


Pumpkin Carving



pumpkin-carving-1 pumpkin-carving-2

Lab Learner lab. Students go to the lab once a week and work on a science lab. This time they are investigating how matter interacts.

lab-3 lab-2 lab-1 lab-4