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Category: Homework

Book Report due January 3

Dress-Up Day based on your book.

  1. Choose a book that has a main character (a biology would work the best).
  2. Find an outfit that your main character would wear.
    1. a dress
    2. a uniform
    3. jeans and a shirt
  3. Bring the outfit to school and change into it before you give your report.
  4. Become the main character and give a summary of the book as if you were that character.
  5. Include the: title, author, setting, plot

This Project Must Be Presented to the Class.

Grading Rubric


Requirements Points
Included information about the characters, setting and plot. /15
Spoke clearly for the class to hear /10
Did the project neatly and creatively /10
Did not read the report from any form of paper /15
Total Score /50