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Category: Homework

Book Report due January 3

Design a cereal box based on your book.

  1. Choose a name for your cereal that sounds enticing and relates to the story somehow. For example:  if you read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, you could call your cereal Wizard’s Wands
  2. Choose a shape for your cereal. For example: the Wizard’s Wands could be an oat cereal in the shape of lightning bolts.
  3. Cover an empty cereal box with paper (provided). Use the following guidelines for each side of the box:
    1. Front: Write the name of the cereal and draw a picture to go with it. You may also find an appropriate picture and glue it on. Make it fun and interesting.
    2. Back: Design a game, puzzle, word game , or “I Spy” that could be found on the back of any cereal box. Puzzlemaker .com is a good place to go.
    3. Right Side: Under the heading “Ingredients” list the main characters and write a sentence about each of them. Then describe the setting (place and time).
    4. Left Side: Write a summary of the book. Be sure to include the main conflict (problem) and the resolution (how the problem was solved).

This Project Must Be Presented to the Class.

Grading Rubric


Requirements Points
Included information about the characters, setting and plot. /15
Spoke clearly for the class to hear /10
Did the project neatly and creatively /10
Did not read the report from any form of paper /15
Total Score /50