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Homework Assignments and Lesson Plans


Lesson Plans
Jan. 15-19 8th Earth Science 7th Life Science 8th Health 10th Biology
Monday No School No School No School No School
Tuesday 10.2 notes and sea floor spreading lab 11.1 notes and lettuce lab syllabus handout and learning styles survey cell cycle lab and mitosis worksheet
Wednesday webquest on volcanoes 11.1 notes and parts of a seed lab little red hen story and file folder design 9.3 notes and mitosis worksheet
Thursday 10.3 notes and continue web quest plant terms worksheet and 11.2 notes start self esteem unit 10.1 notes and punnett square work
Friday finish 10.3 notes and plate tectonic ed puzzle plant control ed puzzle c.d. project finish punnett squares and 10.2 notes