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June School Board Minutes


The School Board of North Star Public School District #10 met in regular session on Monday, June 15, 2020 in person and via Zoom in North Star Room 101.

PRESENT: Chris Doehler, Michelle Gibbens, Vickie Jacksen, Jeana Jorde, Jay Nicholas, John Peters; Administration: Jeff Hagler, Vicki Held, Nancy Reiser, Cathy Johnson, Jessica Gunderson (via Zoom); ABSENT: Bob Kennedy. No Visitors.
Board President Jacksen called the meeting to order at 7:09 p.m. No changes to the agenda.
There were no minutes of the May 8, 2020 special meeting and the May 20, 2020 regular meeting to review.

MOTION made by Michelle Gibbens, seconded by Jeana Jorde, to approve the June bills presented for payment. MOTION CARRIED (all present voting aye).
Reviewed May 2020 monthly financial reports. Pledge of Securities review postponed until July meeting.

Principals’ and Activities Director Reports: Elementary Principal’s report by Mrs. Held: FY20 ending enrollment 190 (includes 3-year-old receiving special services); attendance 97.04%; two applicants interviewed for elementary music teacher opening, with offer made to Sara Walsh to teach PK-4 music and team teach reading and/or math in larger elementary classes.

MOTION made by Chris Doehler, seconded by John Peters, to approve the FY21 contract offer to Sara Walsh on North Star FY20/21 salary schedule at step 9, lane 2 ($49,000) for teaching duties as assigned. MOTION CARRIED on a roll call vote: Doehler-yes, Gibbens-yes, Jorde-yes, Peters-yes, Jacksen-yes (Kennedy and Nicholas absent).

High School Principal’s report by Mrs. Reiser: FY20 ending enrollment 115, attendance 95.4%; tentative FY21 JH/HS class schedule presented w/proposed science electives to include Biotechnology, Forensics, Meteorology, and Astronomy; graduation ceremony format was very successful and well accepted.

Activities Director report by Mr. Hagler: Open gym start date postponed due to an issue with the gym floor; Dropbox documents include acceleration program registration form, open gym rules and waiver/release of liability form; gym floor refinish was done poorly – Mr. Hagler to meet with company representative to resolve; NDHSAA change re: FY21 physicals – requirement will be waived for FY20/21 if student had FY19/20 physical and all answers on waiver application form are “NO”.

Superintendent’s Report by Mr. Hagler: Expected FY20 final revenue/expenditure results and plans to balance FY20 budget (vs originally planned deficit spending); FY20 NDDPI Transportation Routes report – decrease in routes/riders will result in estimated $31,000 decrease in FY21 transportation payment; vehicle mileage report – #58 w/b traded-in on new bus and #57 w/b used as the spare bus; NDDPI District Pupil Membership Summary report shows small increase in final ADA; Johnson Control contract t/b renewed at $4,600 for final year of 3-year term; new 3-year usage commitment/end user lease agreement for soap/tissue/towel dispensers; in-house NDSC defensive driving course for school drivers t/b held in September; technology update: Microsoft Teams will be used for all grades as distance learning platform as required in FY21; committee-proposed purchases schedule – $76,000-$77,000 required to cover licensing and to meet 1:1 device availability (iPads: K-5, laptops: Gr 6-12, teacher/school board devices) for FY21 with funding from FY20 and FY21 budgets and ESSER grant.

MOTION made by John Peters, seconded by Jay Nicholas, to approve the requested technology purchases. MOTION CARRIED on a roll call vote: Doehler-yes, Gibbens-yes, Jorde-yes, Nicholas-yes, Peters-yes, Jacksen-yes (Kennedy absent).

Request by Mr. Hagler to carryover 10 vacation days from FY20 with 5 days to be used during the week of daughter’s wedding this summer.

Old Business: Three options (3% + $.50, 3% + $1.00, 3% + HRA) for FY21 ancillary staff payment schedule were reviewed by negotiating committee – recommended proposal is for 3% raise plus $.50/hour for ancillary staff not eligible for group health coverage.

MOTION by Michelle Gibbens, seconded by Jay Nicholas, to approve FY21 ancillary pay schedule at 3% plus $.50/hour raise for ancillary staff not eligible for NS group health coverage, excluding bus drivers. MOTION CARRIED on a roll call vote: Doehler-yes, Gibbens-yes, Jorde-yes, Nicholas-yes, Peters-yes, Jacksen-yes (Kennedy absent).

Two applicants hired for summer cleaning help (one @ 4 days per week and one @2 days per week). School board election: June 9, 2020 official returns and ballots were presented for canvassing along with twelve (12) additional ballots postmarked June 8, 2020 but received after June 9. Affidavits for the additional twelve ballots were reviewed, ballots were determined to be eligible and were counted by school board members who were not on the 2020 ballot, and the official results were updated with the results of the additional ballot counts.

MOTION was made John Peters, seconded by Jay Nicholas, to declare the following official results for the June 9, 2020 election: Two hundred thirty five (235) qualified ballots cast; for Geographical Area #1 – Cando 3-year term: Jeana Jorde declared winner with two hundred twenty seven (227) votes (1 scattered write-in, 7 blank); for Geographical Area #2 -Bisbee-Egeland 3-year term: Victoria Jacksen declared winner with two hundred seven (207) votes (5 scattered write-ins, 23 blank); on the question “Should a record of the proceedings of the school board be published in the official district newspaper for the succeeding two years?”: the question is declared carried with two hundred eight (208) votes for publishing, twenty three (23) votes against publishing, and four (4) blank votes.

MOTION CARRIED on a roll call vote: Doehler-yes, Gibbens-yes, Jorde-yes, Nicholasyes, Peters-yes, Jacksen-yes, (Kennedy absent). Referred board members to Dropbox document – legal order re: dissolution of Wolford School District. New Business: Three applicants to be interviewed for kitchen help, tentatively on June 24th. Bob Kennedy and Nancy Reiser will be on the interview committee.

Supt. Hagler presented Long Term Planning Meeting PowerPoint information at 8:00 p.m., covering topics including purpose/goals of the biennial meeting, North Star enrollment projections/history, academic and extra-curricular programs, instructional and administrative staffing, financial history and facility improvements history/needs.

Board compensation and mileage reimbursement claim forms were distributed to school board members.

Next meeting set for Wednesday, July 15, 2020, with a meal to be served at 6 p.m., followed by the annual meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 8:19 p.m.

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