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April School Board Minutes (4-17-2019)

The School Board of North Star Public School District #10 met in regular session on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 in North Star Room 101.

PRESENT:  Chris Doehler, Vickie Jacksen, Jeana Jorde, Bob Kennedy, Chris Kvilvang, Jay Nicholas, John Peters; Administration:  Jeff Hagler, Vicki Held, Nancy Reiser, Cathy Johnson.

VISITORS:  Connie Nelson (Staff), Jennifer Heisler.

Board President Jacksen called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.  No agenda additions.

MOTION made by Chris Kvilvang, seconded by Bob Kennedy, to approve the minutes of the March 20, 2019 regular meeting. MOTION CARRIED (all voting aye).

MOTION made by Chris Doehler, seconded by John Peters, to approve the March bills presented for payment.   MOTION CARRIED (all voting aye).

Monthly financial reports for March 2019 were reviewed.

Principals’ and Activities Director Reports:

Elementary Principal’s report: enrollment 186, attendance 95.79%; classroom teacher assignments for 2019/2020; plans for sensory room presented by Jennifer Heisler and Mrs. Held; Upstart Program: kindergarten readiness program for PK students; approval of quote for new K-4 reading curriculum materials (6-yr contract); NDSA progress report; upcoming elementary activities; Mrs. Held and Mrs. Bonham to co-teach summer reading program.

MOTION made by John Peters, seconded by Jeana Jorde, to approve the K-4 reading curriculum quote from       McGraw Hill Education for $39,062.71. MOTION CARRIED on roll call vote:  Doehler-yes, Jorde-yes, Kennedy-      yes, Kvilvang-yes, Nicholas-yes, Peters-yes, Jacksen-yes.

High School Principal’s report by Mrs. Reiser:  enrollment 115, attendance 95%; 2019/20 class schedule under construction; info re: home placement of 2 students for remainder of FY19; drug dog visit if possible before end of school year .

Activities Director report by Mr. Hagler: dance co-op with Devils Lake approved by DL board; presentation of FCCLA national-qualifying STAR projects; spring sports underway.

Superintendent’s Report by Mr. Hagler:  storm days makeup complete; will keep 8:15 am start time until end of year; legislative update; full time head custodian opening filled by Martin (Jens) Bjornstad; researching app for school ; certificate of completion for CRDC report; will look for used large (49 passenger)bus w/approx. 70,000 miles to replace #56; upcoming committee meetings; staff appreciation plans; IDEA compliance.

Old Business:  candidates filed for Cando and Bisbee-Egeland positions, write-in for At-Large position; designation of precinct, polling place, poll hours; negotiations process to begin with setting ground rules; April 29 start date for music room roof project; full compliance accreditation recognition from AdvancEd.

MOTION by Jay Nicholas, seconded by Chris Doehler , to designate one precinct and one polling place (North Star School lobby) with poll hours from 11 am to 7 pm for June 12, 2019 election.   MOTION CARRIED on roll call vote:  Doehler-yes, Jorde-yes, Kennedy-   yes, Kvilvang-yes, Nicholas-yes, Peters-yes, Jacksen-yes.

New Business: discussion re: conversion of shop room into combined school/community library; declined membership in TC Economic Development Corporation; Chris Kvilvang to present diplomas at graduation.

Next meeting set for Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:48 p.m.

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