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Day #135 @ NS 3.20.2019

Wednesday March 20, 2019                                                                                                        Day #135 (A)

-Congratulations to those selected to be on the Knowledge Bowl teams.  In the HS it is Keaton K, Mya H, Olivia R, Dustyn N, and Kole G; Eliza F is the alternate.  In the JH it is Garrett H, Dawson W, Alliana F, Cecilia F, and Heather B; Jaelyn B is the alternate.

-There is a sign-up sheet for both Boys’ and Girls’ golf in the office.  Please sign up tomorrow.

-JH track practice will begin on Monday at 4:00 PM.  Parent Coach meeting for track will be on Monday March 25th at 5:30 PM.

-The parent coach meeting for baseball will be on Tuesday March 26th at 5:45 PM at the armory.

-No weight lifting this week for those not involved in an activity.

-Report cards will be handed out on Friday.

-Speech practice today and Friday at 3:30 PM.  The Speech team will be going to the Park River meet on Saturday and they will leave at 6:45 AM.

-The city bus route is done for the school year.

-Prom is on April 6th, the sign up in the office, cost is $25 for a couple and $15 for a single. Please pay and sign up by March 22nd.

Lunch Menu – Mac and Cheese, Baked Ham, Green Beans, and Fruit

Breakfast Menu (tomorrow) – Breakfast Burritos, Juice, Fruit, and Milk

Birthdays –

School Make Up Time

Here is the information on how we will make up the time we have missed because of weather.

January 30th will be made up on April 22nd

February 4th will be made up on May 24th

March 14th and the late starts will be made up with our grace day and by doing the following (still have 9 hours to make up)

Beginning on March 25th through April 17th we will extend our school day by 30 minutes by doing the following:

-The rural bus routes may run a couple minutes earlier to get students here by 8:15 AM.

-All students should be at school by 8:15 AM (90% are already here by that time)

-Grades K-3 will have their morning recess as they have been doing.

-Grade 4-6 will report to their classroom as they have been doing.

-Students in grades 7-12 will report to their homeroom.

-BREAKFAST will continue as it has, it will not start earlier.  If students are legitimately eating breakfast past 8:15 AM they will be allowed to continue to do that without being counted absent.

-Monday thru Thursday, from March 25 to April 17th, we will end school 7 minutes later than normal.

-Friday, from March 25th to April 12th, we will end school 7 minutes later than normal.

If we have any more weather cancellations, we will apply for a waiver from the state.  If you have any questions or concerns, contact the school.

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