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Patron Complaint Form

A printed complaint form is available in the High School Office, or you may print the form posted below.

North Star School Patron Complaint 

Complaints about school personnel from concerned patrons are inevitable.

The following is to be used when responding to patron complaints:

  1. Complaints about personnel shall be directed to the administrator or other supervisor directly responsible for the supervision of that employee.
  2. The supervisor shall investigate the complaint.
  3. The supervisor shall schedule a meeting of the employee, the complainant, and the supervisor, if appropriate.
  4. The supervisor shall provide a response to the complainant within 15 days of receipt of the complaint.
  5. Notify the employee if the complaint is to be placed in the employee’s file.

If any party is not satisfied with the handling of the complaint, the matter can be appealed to the Superintendent.

Complaints about the Superintendent shall be directed to the School Board President, who shall follow the same procedure.

Name (of person making the complaint):

Signature of person making the complaint:

(Complaint will not be addressed without a signature)


Name of who complaint is against:

Nature of the Complaint:

Action of Supervisor:


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