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Category: Spanish II

Spanish II Homework Week of December 11

Create a cartoon depicting a typical morning getting ready for school, contrasted with yesterday, which was a horrible day when everything went wrong.


  1. Use reflexive verbs in the present and preterite. (At least 8 verbs)
  2. The cartoon should have 8-10 panels
  3. The cartoon must be hand drawn or traced. Lettering may be neatly hand-written or printed out, cut to size and glued onto the cartoon.
  4. Use a full sheet of poster board for the cartoon.
  5. Choose a recognizable cartoon or video game character, or create your own unique character

The assignment is due on Friday, December 15.


Spanish II: Central America Map

Create a map of Central America and the Spanish-speaking islands of the Caribbian. Label the countries, capital cities and bodies of water in Spanish.

Color your map with crayons, markers or colored pencils. Labels should be in fine-point marker, ink or printed.

Due Monday, November 20.

Spanish II: Sr. Wooly Assignment

Complete Sr. Wooly “Billy y Las Botas” through nugget 10 for Friday, October 27. Let me know if you have problems accessing your account.

Spanish II Homework for the week of September 25-29

Monday – verb quiz, present tense

Tuesday – Billy y las Botas packet, part I

Wednesday – work on Billy y Las Botas video assignment

Thursday – Billy y las Botas lecture (in class)

Friday – Spaleon assignment, regular preterite verbs

Spanish II Homework for September 11-15

Partner introductions will be presented during class on Thursday. Please submit your script in paragraph form by Tuesday, September 12. Be prepared to introduce your partner without the use of notes or other visual aids.