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Category: Spanish II

Spanish II Homework for March 19-23

Injuries and Advice bulletin board (Due Wednesday, beginning of class)

  • Print captions for injury photos taken last week.
  • Print at least two pieces of advice (consejos) from Bella for each injury photo.
  • Print a heading for the board “¡¿Qué tienes?!” for the top and “Consejos de Bella” for the bottom.

Spaleon (Due Friday)

  • Complete 100 attempts with 90% accuracy for present subjunctive Basic verbs
    (Remember that this is, essentially, the form used for Ud. and Uds. commands, as well as tú negative commands)
  • Complete 100 attempts with 90% accuracy for the pretertite Irregular verb set.
    (Remember cucaracha verbs, irregular yo spellings for -car, -gar and -zar verbs and -IR stem-changers for 3rd person)

Quizlet (Due Monday, March 26)

  • Complete LEARN mode for the Body Parts Vocabulary list posted.