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Category: Spanish II

Spanish II Homework week ending April 6

Due Wednesday, April 4
Spaleon present subjunctive, 100 attempts @90% accuracy with the following verbs: tener, venir, traer, poner, estudiar, decir, hacer, escribir, dar, ir

Due Friday, April 6:
Duolingo 150 XP and complete the unit on determiners (many, few, etc.)

Spanish II Homework for March 26-30

Reminder that Quizlet LEARN mode is due Today for the Cuerpo vocabulary list. Homework for this week: Complete Sr. Wooly “Ya está muerto” through nugget 10. This assignment is due Thursday by the end of class and we will have class time on Thursday, if needed, to finish up.

Spanish II Homework for March 19-23

Injuries and Advice bulletin board (Due Wednesday, beginning of class)

  • Print captions for injury photos taken last week.
  • Print at least two pieces of advice (consejos) from Bella for each injury photo.
  • Print a heading for the board “¡¿Qué tienes?!” for the top and “Consejos de Bella” for the bottom.

Spaleon (Due Friday)

  • Complete 100 attempts with 90% accuracy for present subjunctive Basic verbs
    (Remember that this is, essentially, the form used for Ud. and Uds. commands, as well as tú negative commands)
  • Complete 100 attempts with 90% accuracy for the pretertite Irregular verb set.
    (Remember cucaracha verbs, irregular yo spellings for -car, -gar and -zar verbs and -IR stem-changers for 3rd person)

Quizlet (Due Monday, March 26)

  • Complete LEARN mode for the Body Parts Vocabulary list posted.