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Category: Spanish I

Final Review Worksheets

A 5-page review packet has been posted to your OneNote. We will go over this packet May 1-4 during class. The completed packet is due Tuesday, May 9.

Quizlet Review Posted

Two new Quizlet lists have been posted to assist students in reviewing for the final exam.  Review Vocabulary for Chapters 1-5 is in one list and Oral Questions for Final is the second list.  You may study these in any way you like. For homework credit, please do 10 “quiz mode” attempts and either print out or screenshot your results.

This homework is due Monday, May 15.

Spanish I: Verb Game

This assignment is due Friday, May 13.

Create a game board using the verb list at the bottom of this post.

  1. The front of the Post-It note should have the Spanish verb form, written in colored pencil. The back of the Post-It note should have the English definition. For example: TENGO on the front, I HAVE on the back. Be sure to use colored pencil, as marker will bleed through. Make the words as large as possible while still fitting on the Post-It.
  2. Arrange the Post-Its to form a game board. Think about favorite childhood games such as CandyLand, Sorry or Chutes and Ladders.
  3. On the poster board underneath each Post-It, write a point value between 1 and 5. Also include bonus and penalty squares such as “Go back 2 spaces” or “Lose a Turn”. You may also include secret passages or bridges for landing on a certain square.
  4. The Post-Its should be decorated on the front with drawings or designs and the game board should also be decorated.

Your completed game board should have 102 verbs in all. For third person (él, ella, Ud.) and (ellos/ellas/Uds.) choose one of the three pronouns for each Post-It. Be sure to represent all 3 choices in your game.  For example, “Ella es” on the front, “She is” on the back.  Or “él viene” on the front, “he comes” on the back.

Make sure everyone in the group participates in each phase of the game creation. Divide up the verbs so that everyone writes an equal or nearly equal number of post-its. Everyone should help put the post-its onto the game board and decide on rules, point values, and decorations.


Spanish I Homework for week ending April 6

Duolingo – Complete 100 XP of activity and complete  Basics 2 and Foods units. (If you have already finished these, be sure to select “strengthen skill” to show you have worked on them again this week) This assignment is due on Friday, April 6

Mi casa es fenomenal poster – create a floorplan of your ideal home. Label the rooms and furnishings in Spanish.  Include (at a minimum) at least one each of the following rooms and furnishings: garage, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, patio, garden, window, door, carpet, bed, table, chairs, plants, desk, t.v. set, refrigerator, sink, bathroom sink, stove, dresser, bookshelf. Be sure to use correct Spanish spelling, including definite articles and accent marks. This assignment is due Friday, April 6 at the beginning of class.

Spanish I Homework Week ending 3/30/2018

Create a PowerPoint illustrating your “familia ideal”. Your ideal family may be made up from television/movie characters, literary characters, celebrities OR you may choose to use photos of your actual family members.

Each slide should include ONE family member, their name and relationship to you. A second sentence should describe the family member using two adjectives and tell one thing they like, or like to do. Make sure to adjust verbs and adjectives to agree with the subject. The final slide in your powerpoint should be a photo of yourself and how you are related to 3 or more family members. In a second sentence, describe yourself using at least 3 adjectives and tell one thing you like or like to do.

This assignment is due Thursday, March 29 at the beginning of class. Class time will be provided on Wednesday to work on the project. Please plan to bring a laptop to class on Wednesday to work.

Include the following family members:

Include the relationships of hijo or hija, nieto or nieta and sobrino or sobrina on your final slide.

Example slides for cousins:
Éste es mi primo Bob. Es travieso y amarillo. A Bob le gustan las crabby patties.
Ésta es mi prima Sandy. Es muy activa e inteligente. A Sandy le gusta hacer karate.

Example slide for “yo” slide:
Yo soy Rose. Soy la hija de Hope y la nieta de Dagney. Soy la sobrina de Rio. A mí, me gusta mucho correr. Tengo el pelo corto y pelirrojo.

4 points possible per slide (slides 1-11) 6 points for slide 12 as follows:
Picture/graphic – .5 pt.
Name and relationship sentence included – .5 pt. (1.5 pts. for slide 12 – .5 pt. per relationship listed)
Sentence with two adjectives describing subject used – .5pt.  (1.5pts. for slide 12, .5pt. per adjective)
Sentence indicating like/dislike included (can be compound sentence with description, or separate) – .5pt.
Adjectives agree with subject – .5pt.
Verbs agree with subject, correct indirect object pronoun (me, te, le, nos, os, les) included. – 1.0 pt.
(If prepositional phrase used, correct form including use of ‘a’ is evident as shown in model sentences)
Correct spelling, punctuation and accent marks are used – .5pt.

New WORDSHOOT game available!

How well do you know your GO verbs? Save the world from Martians with your Spanish skills and be better prepared for verb quizzes and chapter tests. You might even get to have a 1:1 shootout with the teacher. Good luck!

P.S. – Try the “PacMan” game and test your skills on an old arcade classic.


Spanish I Homework week of March 19-23

Create a poster illustrating TENER Idioms. The poster should be divided into six sections, with a graphic and sentence in each section. Illustrate one TENER idiom in each section, except the last. The last section should contrast what the character feels like (TENER GANAS de) doing vs. what they have to do (TENER QUE). Conjugate TENER for the subject illustrated. Your illustrations should include at least one of each of the following subjects: Yo, él or ella, nosotros and ellos. The meaning of the tener idiom illustrated should be clear without needing to be translated into English. This assignment is due Thursday at the beginning of class.

In addition to Tener ganas de and Tener que, choose five tener idioms from the following list:
Tener sed
Tener hambre
Tener calor
Tener frío
Tener prisa
Tener suerte
Tener sueño
Tener ___ años
Tener vergüenza