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Category: Homework

Computer 8

We will continue programming in Scratch, but begin to incorporate real-world programming through the use of Lego We-Do. Plan to finish organizing Legos on Monday and begin exploring the We-DO .api in Scratch on Tuesday. We will spend Wednesday and Thursday building models and write the code to control them on Friday.

Programming A/B

Partner or individual projects begin this week. Choose from the following options:

  • Real world programming in Swift – Sphero (max: 1 group of 2-3 students)
  • Real world programming in Swift – Lego EV3 (max: 4 groups of 2-3 students)
  • Real world programming in Java – Useless machine (max: 4 groups of 2-3 students)
  • Real world programming in Java – Bearcat animatronic (max: 2 groups of 2-3 students)
  • Swift Playground – Playground 2 (individual project)

Spanish II Homework for the week of September 25-29

Monday – verb quiz, present tense

Tuesday – Billy y las Botas packet, part I

Wednesday – work on Billy y Las Botas video assignment

Thursday – Billy y las Botas lecture (in class)

Friday – Spaleon assignment, regular preterite verbs

Spanish I Homework Due September 29

Who is it? Skit

Working in groups of three, create a skit with the following elements

Two people meet (they know each other). They greet one another and ask how the other is doing. Each person asks the other two questions and answers the other person’s questions.

Choose from the following: What is your email?, What is your phone number?, when is your birthday?, What is the date today? What time is it?

A third person joins the others and says “hi”. One person knows them, but the other does not. The person who doesn’t, asks a question. Choose from: Who is she/he? What is his/her name?

The person who is acquainted with the new person makes introductions, including names and how the are acquainted.
The other two respond appropriately to being introduced – nice to meet you / likewise or charmed.

The new person asks the person they know how they are doing, and asks the other person two questions (use the same options as before).

The group departs, using an appropriate good-bye.


Spanish I Homework due 9-18

Power Point

  1. Photo of you
  2. Photo of where you are from
  3. A picture representing a telephone
  4. A picture representing email
  5. A picture representing a birthday


DO NOT include any words in Spanish or in English.


Greet the audience
Tell your name and where you are from

Tell your phone number and email address (spell it out)

Tell how old you are

Close with an appropriate good-bye


Computer 8 – Week of September 11-15

Monday:  Finalize work on “Fortune Teller” program; post and share.

Tuesday/Wednesday:  Create a “Guess my Number” program

Thursday: Scratch pen commands

Friday: Osmo activities

Spanish I Homework for September 11-15

Monday: Recite ABC’s

Tuesday: Recite numbers 0-20

Wednesday: Recite days of the week

Thursday:  Be prepared to ask and answer the following questions:

What is your name?
Where are you from?
How old are you?
What is his/her name?


Programming A/B for September 11-15

We will continue to work in Swift this week. Continue to work at your own pace on Playgrounds 1-2.
The work for this week is worth 25 points. Students completing the chapter on Functions will score 18/25, those completing For Loops will receive 20/25, Conditional Code 22/25, Logical Operators 23/25, While Loops 24/25 and those completing Algortithms and beginning Playground 2 lessons will score 25/25.

Those who have achieved their desired score may work ahead or chose to work on a robotics project for Homecoming Week activities.

Spanish II Homework for September 11-15

Partner introductions will be presented during class on Thursday. Please submit your script in paragraph form by Tuesday, September 12. Be prepared to introduce your partner without the use of notes or other visual aids.