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Category: Homework

Spanish I Homework week of March 19-23

Create a poster illustrating TENER Idioms. The poster should be divided into six sections, with a graphic and sentence in each section. Illustrate one TENER idiom in each section, except the last. The last section should contrast what the character feels like (TENER GANAS de) doing vs. what they have to do (TENER QUE). Conjugate TENER for the subject illustrated. Your illustrations should include at least one of each of the following subjects: Yo, él or ella, nosotros and ellos. The meaning of the tener idiom illustrated should be clear without needing to be translated into English. This assignment is due Thursday at the beginning of class.

In addition to Tener ganas de and Tener que, choose five tener idioms from the following list:
Tener sed
Tener hambre
Tener calor
Tener frío
Tener prisa
Tener suerte
Tener sueño
Tener ___ años
Tener vergüenza