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Category: Homework

Final Review Worksheets

A 5-page review packet has been posted to your OneNote. We will go over this packet May 1-4 during class. The completed packet is due Tuesday, May 9.

Quizlet Review Posted

Two new Quizlet lists have been posted to assist students in reviewing for the final exam.  Review Vocabulary for Chapters 1-5 is in one list and Oral Questions for Final is the second list.  You may study these in any way you like. For homework credit, please do 10 “quiz mode” attempts and either print out or screenshot your results.

This homework is due Monday, May 15.

Spanish I: Verb Game

This assignment is due Friday, May 13.

Create a game board using the verb list at the bottom of this post.

  1. The front of the Post-It note should have the Spanish verb form, written in colored pencil. The back of the Post-It note should have the English definition. For example: TENGO on the front, I HAVE on the back. Be sure to use colored pencil, as marker will bleed through. Make the words as large as possible while still fitting on the Post-It.
  2. Arrange the Post-Its to form a game board. Think about favorite childhood games such as CandyLand, Sorry or Chutes and Ladders.
  3. On the poster board underneath each Post-It, write a point value between 1 and 5. Also include bonus and penalty squares such as “Go back 2 spaces” or “Lose a Turn”. You may also include secret passages or bridges for landing on a certain square.
  4. The Post-Its should be decorated on the front with drawings or designs and the game board should also be decorated.

Your completed game board should have 102 verbs in all. For third person (él, ella, Ud.) and (ellos/ellas/Uds.) choose one of the three pronouns for each Post-It. Be sure to represent all 3 choices in your game.  For example, “Ella es” on the front, “She is” on the back.  Or “él viene” on the front, “he comes” on the back.

Make sure everyone in the group participates in each phase of the game creation. Divide up the verbs so that everyone writes an equal or nearly equal number of post-its. Everyone should help put the post-its onto the game board and decide on rules, point values, and decorations.


Spanish I Homework for week ending April 6

Duolingo – Complete 100 XP of activity and complete  Basics 2 and Foods units. (If you have already finished these, be sure to select “strengthen skill” to show you have worked on them again this week) This assignment is due on Friday, April 6

Mi casa es fenomenal poster – create a floorplan of your ideal home. Label the rooms and furnishings in Spanish.  Include (at a minimum) at least one each of the following rooms and furnishings: garage, living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, patio, garden, window, door, carpet, bed, table, chairs, plants, desk, t.v. set, refrigerator, sink, bathroom sink, stove, dresser, bookshelf. Be sure to use correct Spanish spelling, including definite articles and accent marks. This assignment is due Friday, April 6 at the beginning of class.

Programming A/B Homework week ending 4/6

Students should be finished with lessons 5.1-5.5 in the Python course on by April 5(B) or April 6(A). Students are reminded that programming assignments should be done outside of class if you are unable to complete 2 lessons per class period (or are behind in assignments).

Remember that the step-by-step lessons can be VERY helpful if you are having difficulty understanding how the coding concept you are working with should be used.


Spanish II Homework week ending April 6

Due Wednesday, April 4
Spaleon present subjunctive, 100 attempts @90% accuracy with the following verbs: tener, venir, traer, poner, estudiar, decir, hacer, escribir, dar, ir

Due Friday, April 6:
Duolingo 150 XP and complete the unit on determiners (many, few, etc.)

Computer 7 Homework, week ending March 30

Complete a total of 80 minutes of typing on Edutyping during class on Monday and Tuesday. We will have an opportunity to use Minecraft on Thursday if typing goals are met.

Spanish II Homework for March 26-30

Reminder that Quizlet LEARN mode is due Today for the Cuerpo vocabulary list. Homework for this week: Complete Sr. Wooly “Ya está muerto” through nugget 10. This assignment is due Thursday by the end of class and we will have class time on Thursday, if needed, to finish up.