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Spanish I Homework Week of December 11

Create a “Christmas Village” the size of a table.¬†Work in groups of 3-4 people.

Include the following elements:

  1. A central plaza or town square
  2. un parque
  3. una piscina
  4. una escuela
  5. un cine
  6. una biblioteca
  7. un estadio
  8. una playa con agua
  9. un centro comercial
  10. una iglesia
  11. dos restaurantes
  12. una gasolinera
  13. una casa para cada estudiante en la clase
  14. una farmacia
  15. Por lo menos, seis calles

The table should be covered in white or blue bulletin board paper. Outlines for streets and buildings should be drawn in pencil and building names should be written in so that the display can be moved and reassembled easily.

Buildings may be constructed using poster board, paper, foam board or cardboard. They should be colored (computer-printed color is fine). Each building should have a label in Spanish.

We will spend Thursday and Friday of this week working on this project. Be sure to bring necessary materials with you to class (scissors, tape, building materials)

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