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Category: Homework

Assignment Policy

Your child will have homework. There will always be something they could be studying or reviewing for.  There will also be regularly assigned work to be completed.

Assignments are to be completed as assigned, and they are generally due the day after they’re assigned. Exceptions to this rule will be written in the planner.

So what happens if your child can’t or doesn’t complete the assignment by the due date? One of two things will happen:  I’ll grade the assignment and unfortunately count the incomplete questions wrong, OR you send me a note with a plan for when it will be done and the student gets more time.

You, as your child’s parent, are the one who gets to decide if they have a legitimate reason for not having something done when it’s due. Let me present a couple of scenarios:

Your child comes home from school feeling ill. They fall asleep and don’t get anything done that evening.  They wake up in the morning feeling good and ready to go to school, but don’t have anything done from last night. 

                Your child comes home from school feeling fine and goes to play with friends.  They come in late and don’t remember they have homework.

                Your child comes home from school and you have to leave immediately for an older sibling’s activity.  It will be dark the entire time you are traveling, and it will be bedtime by the time you return home.

Each child’s parent gets to decide if any of these are legitimate reasons for incomplete work—just send me a note so I know that you know your child wasn’t finished with assigned work.

Thank-you for your cooperation,

Lisa Held