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Category: General Info

Welcome to Fifth Grade 2018-2019


I’m looking forward to experiencing this learning opportunity with you and your parents.


  • My webpage will be used for daily/ weekly communication.
  • Power School will be used to communicate your child’s progress.
  • Please use phone calls (school:  968-4416; home:  266-5143) or email  ( to communicate with me.

Staying Organized

  1. Fill in planner daily.
  2. Take home corrected papers daily; remove from backpack daily.


  • North Dakota Standards are followed and are found at the NDDPI website
  • Textbooks will not necessarily be covered from beginning to end.

How Teaching Happens

  • I Do; We Do; You Do or I model; we practice; you demonstrate.
  • Assessment is not always a sheet; it may be a diagram, model, project, etc.
  • Practice time is determined by need.
  • Assessment is independent.
  • Work time is quiet time.
  • Different strategies are used for different learning styles.


  • Time is given to complete assignment/ assessment.
  • Generally work is due right away in the morning the day after it is assigned. Exceptions will be written in the planner.
  • What isn’t finished during school should be taken home, completed, and returned.
  • Parents, please send me a note if the assignment/ assessment wasn’t finished by the time it was due; the student will be given more time. Students can’t just tell me and receive more time.


  • All tests are announced and written in planners.
  • Spelling tests will be at the end of each lesson and are taken electronically.
  • Tests are not open book.
  • Study your notes and practice your vocabulary cards often.

How It’s Done

  • Comprehension questions are always answered in complete sentences with capital letters and punctuation. We’ll practice during the first quarter.
  • Penmanship is always important.

Book Reports

  • Read books in your AR level and follow the schedule.
  • You need 18 book reports for a North Dakota Reading Certificate
  • Book report projects are graded according to a rubric that is presented before you begin working on them.
  • The grade for the AR Quiz is a reading grade. The book report grade is a reading or a language grade.

Website Information: North Star Public School—Elementary—Lisa Held

  • Planner Page that tells what should be written in the planner each day
  • Spelling words for the current week
  • Book Report Information
  • Assignment Policy
  • Fact Practice Websites