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Homework Assignments and Lesson Plans


8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade Study Skills
Monday Flowers for Algernon q. 1-7 wksts Draft Antigone  Read 243-End  Scope
Tuesday p.554-562 q. 1-7 wksts Type Mrs. Teuber Final Discussion  Respect
Wednesday p.565-568 q. 1-6 wkst Edit/Revise Crowning of King Arthur  Test  Study Hall
Thursday p.574-584 q.1-7 wkst p.480-490 q. 1-7 Mists of Avalon YEARBOOKS Scope
Friday p592-601 1-6 wkts  p.494-504 q. 1-8  Steinbeck  YEARBOOKS Brain Games