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Homework Assignments and Lesson Plans


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8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade Mythology/ Mass Media
Monday Read Latehome-comer Close Reader

Night Calls p.9-18

Write a Business Letter The Tempest p. 70 q. 1-7 Finish PowerPoints
Tuesday Finish reading

p. 98 q. 17 Vocab 1-8; 1-5

Rituals of Memory p 21-24 q. 1-4 vocab 1-5; 1-4 Letter Due

p. 39-40 q. 1-3

Tempest Media q. 1-6  Episode 4
Wednesday Close Reader p. 13-18 Gettysburg Address p. 27-31 q. 1-6 vocab 1-4; 1-3 Prewrite Speech  Balboa p. 77-86 q. 1-6 vocab Present Cinderella
Thursday Media p. 71-74 q. 1-6 Close Reader

OK Bombing Memorial Address


Draft Blaxicans p. 87-95 q. 1-8 vocab Episode 5
Friday “The Powwow… World” p.75-78

Q. 1-6

Media Study p. 33-39  Practice  Close Reader p. 11-18 Watch Cinderella