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Welcome to class!


Hello Everyone and welcome to my website.


  1. The Golden Rule: Treat others as you would want to be treated.
  2. For the security of the computers, food should remain outside of the classroom. Water (must be contained within a closed bottle) can be brought into the room but should remain on the floor.
  3. Cell phones will be dropped off at the front of the room.


  1. Students will come to class with the necessary materials
    – Notebook, and pen/pencil, any assignments due
  2. Upon entering the room, find your desk/chair and sit down
  3. Once sitting, log onto Edmodo and check out the day’s activities/assignments
  4. When asking a question, please raise your hand
  5. Hand work in when it is due
    – If late, you will be deducted 10% on your grade
  6.  If  absent, you are responsible for checking Edmodo
  7. Assignments will be submitted to Edmodo