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Mr. Greenlee-Social Studies


 Classes  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Periods
 Our State C17 Quiz and C18 Guided Reading Due Fri C18 Notes and C18 Vocab WS Due Fri C18 Notes and C18 Review Due Fri Video/quiz C18 Quiz and Unit 6 Review Due Tues  Period 1
World History C5 Notes S5 and Kahoot Quiz C5 Quiz Rome Project Due Wed Rome Project Rome Project Period 2 & 7
U.S. Gov’t Amendment Project and Civics Test Legislative Branch Notes and Branches of Gov’t WQ Due Fri Executive Branch Notes Judicial Branch Notes Branches of Gov’t Test  Period 3
 Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Period 4
 Intern. Relations Nuclear Notes and WS X Nuclear WQ X Nuclear Test and WS  Period 5 “A”
Psych. X Emotion Project X Emotion Project X  Period 5 “B”
U.S. History S1 Reading S2 Reading S3 Reading S4 Reading S5 Reading  Period 6