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Mr. Greenlee-Social Studies


 Classes  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Periods
 Our State Video Quiz C19 Quiz and Branches of Gov’t WQ Branches of Gov’t WQ Branches of Gov’t WQ No School  Period 1
World History Video/quiz CPR Training Gladiator C4 Notes S1 and C4 Guided Reading Due Fri. No School Period 2 & 7
U.S. Gov’t No Class C13 Notes S3 and Court Case Study Due Wed. C13 Notes S4 C13 Notes S5 and C13 Quiz No School  Period 3
 Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Period 4
 Intern. Relations Video/quiz X North Korea Notes and WS X No School  Period 5 “A”
Psych. X C14 Notes S5 and C14 Quiz X Personality Project No School  Period 5 “B”
U.S. History No Class S10 Reading S11 Reading S12 Reading No School  Period 6