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Mr. Greenlee-Social Studies


 Classes  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Periods
 Our State C28 Quiz and C29 Guided Reading Due Wed. C29 Notes and C29 Vocab/Review Due Wed. C29 Quiz and Unit 9 Review Due Fri. Review Unit 9 Test and Final Review  Period 1
World History Early Man Project Due Fri. Early Man Project Early Man Project Early Man Project Final Review Period 2 & 7
U.S. Gov’t C17 Notes S3 and C17 Quiz Case Studies and Final Review Movie Movie Presentation  Period 3
 Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Period 4
 Intern. Relations Final Review X Review X Review  Period 5 “A”
Psych. X Project X Project X  Period 5 “B”
U.S. History C9 Notes S3 C9 Notes S4 C9 Notes S5 C9 Quiz Final Review  Period 6