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Mr. Greenlee-Social Studies


 Classes  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Periods
 Our State Local Gov’t WQ Due Thurs. C21 Guided Reading Due Thurs. C21 Notes and C21 Vocab. WS Due Thurs. C21 Notes and C21 Review Due Thurs. C21 Quiz and C22 Guided Reading Due Wed. No School  Period 1 & 6
World History Islam Empires WQ Due Thurs. Islam Empires WQ Islam Empires WQ C5 Notes S1 and C5 Guided Reading Due Fri. No School  Period 2
Gov’t Bill of Rights Project Due Thurs. C14 Notes S1 and C14 Guided Reading Due Tues. C14 Notes S2 and C14 Vocab. Due Tues. C14 Notes S3 No School
U.S. History C17 Notes S1 and C17 Guided Reading Due Tues. C17 Notes S2 and C17 Vocab. Due Tues. C17 Notes S3 C17 Notes S4-5 No School  Period 4
 Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Prep Sta
Geography Regions of Europe Map/quiz and Europe Map Europe Map/quiz and Russia Map and Unit 5 Guided Reading Holocaust WQ Holocaust WQ No School  Period 7