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Mr. Greenlee-Social Studies

 Classes  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  Periods
 U.S. History No School S9-10 Reading S11-12 Reading S13 Reading  S14 Reading  Period 1
 Our State No School C18 Notes and C18 Vocab. WS Due Fri C18 Notes and C18 Review Due Fri ND Current Events WQ C18 Quiz and Unit 6 Review Due Tues  Period 2
 Gov’t No School Mr. Smith Goes to DC 1st 9 Amend and Court Case Study 2nd 9 Amend and Constitution WQ 3rd 9 Amend and Court Case Debate  Period 3
 Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Prep  Period 4
 U.S. History (7) No School Presidents WQ Presidents WQ Presidents Project Presidents Project  Period 5
World History No School Research Paper Due Fri   C7 Notes S1 and C7 Guided Reading Due next Fri C7 Notes S2 and C7 Vocab Due next Fri C7 Notes S3  Period 6
Geography No School  Trail of Tears WQ U.S. Map/quiz and Capital Review ND Map and Capital Quiz ND Map Quiz  Period 7